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Monday, December 5, 2016


09h – 09h30Registration and Welcome Coffee
09h30 – 10h20Opening Session – Welcome and Remarks
  • Mr. Leonardo Gomes Pereira (Chairman, CVM, Brazil) 
  • Prof. Shmuel Hauser (Chairman, Israel Securities Authority - ISA, Israel)
10h20 – 11h

Keynote - Corporate Governance and Innovation: Building Bridges

  • Evan Epstein (Executive Director, Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford Law School/Graduate School of Business, Stanford University)
11h  – 11h20Coffee Break
11h20 – 13h

Session 1 - FinTech: Overview and Trends 

  • Moderator: Mara Luquet (journalist)
  • Ricardo Anhesini (Head of Financial Services Latin America and Brazil, KPMG)
  • Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra (PhD, Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego)
13h -14hLunch break
14h – 14h50

Session 2 - DLT in Capital Markets

  • Oliver E. Cunningham (Partner at KPMG Management Consulting)
14h50 – 15h30

Keynote - Cubo: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Brazil 

  • Flavio Pripas (Managing Director, Cubo)
15h30 – 16h40

Round-table - FinTech Impact on Capital Markets

Moderator: José Carlos Doherty (Chairman AMCC/IOSCO and CEO, ANBIMA)

  • André Eduardo Demarco (Managing Director Products and Services Engineering, BM&FBOVESPA)
  • Roberto Lee (Director, Clear Corretora)
  • Guilherme Horn (Head of Financial Services, Accenture)
16h40 – 17h

Coffee Break

17h – 18h

Case Studies Panel

Moderator: Amarílis Prado Sardenberg

  • Felipe Sotto-Maior (CEO, Vérios Investimentos)
  • Diego Perez Martin de Almeida (Co-founder, StartMeUp Crowdfunding)
  • Luciano Tavares (Founder, Magnetis Investimentos)

Closing Remarks

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 (Morning)

Ceremony to Mark the 40th Anniversary of CVM
Securities and Exchange Commission

08h30 – 09hRegistration to Ceremony
09h – 09h30

Opening Ceremony

  • Ministry of Finance (TBC)
  • Leonardo Gomes Pereira (Chairman, CVM) 
  • Paul P. Andrews (Secretary General of IOSCO)
09h30 - 09h50

Keynote Speaker

  • Roberto Teixeira da Costa (Chairman 1977-1979)
09h50 – 10h40

Special Session

Moderator: Marcelo Trindade (Chairman 2004-2007)

  • Marcos Ayera (Chairman, Comisión Nacional de Valores - CNV, Argentina)
  • Jaime González Aguadé (President, Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores, México) 
  • Juan Ernesto Jiménez Olivier (Intendente, Superintendencia de Valores, República Dominicana) 
  • Janice P. Holness (Executive Director, Financial Services Commission, Jamaica)
10h40 – 11hCoffee Break
11h – 11h30

CVM, from 1976 to 2016 (Book launch)

Principal Debater: George Vidor (Journalist)


  • Leonardo Gomes Pereira (Chairman, CVM) 
  • Robert van Dijk (Chairman, ANBIMA, Brazil)
  • Edemir Pinto (CEO, BM&FBOVESPA, Brazil)
11h30 – 13h

CVM: a glimpse into the past and the road ahead

Introduction to the panel: Thomas Tosta de Sá (Chairman 1993-1995)

Moderator: Sandra Guerra (Managing Director, Better Governance)

  • Francisco da Costa e Silva (Chairman 1995-2000)
  • José Luiz Osorio de Almeida Filho (Chairman 2000-2002)
  • Luiz Leonardo Cantidiano (Chairman 2002-2004)
  • Maria Helena dos Santos Fernandes de Santana (Chairperson 2007-2012)
13hClosing Remarks

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 (Afternoon)

Behavioural Sciences and Investor Education Conference

13h40 – 14hRegistration to Conference
14h – 14h30Opening Ceremony
  • Leonardo Gomes Pereira (Executive Chairman, CVM)
  • Jonathan Dunn (British Consul General, Rio de Janeiro)
  • Paul P. Andrews (Secretary General of IOSCO)
  • Edemir Pinto (CEO, BM&FBOVESPA, Brazil)
  • Robert van Dijk (Chairman, ANBIMA, Brazil)
  • Carlos Ratto (Commercial and Products Executive Officer of Securities Unit and Marketing and Communications Executive Officer, Cetip, Brazil)
14h30 – 15h10Keynote Speaker
  • Paul P. Andrews (IOSCO Secretary General)
15h10 – 15h30Coffee Break
15h30 – 17h

Keynote Panel – Applying Behavioral Insights to Public Policies

Keynote: Bilal Zia (PhD, Senior Economist, World Bank)

Debate Chair: Mara Luquet (Journalist)


  • Bilal Zia (PhD, Senior Economist, World Bank)
  • Angela Nunes Assumpção (Planejar, Brazil)
  • Caroline Stumpf Buaes (PhD, IMED, Brazil)
  • José Alexandre Vasco (CVM, Brazil)
17h – 18h

Panel 1 – Topics in Economic Psychology

Moderator: Dr. Vera Rita de Mello Ferreira (PhD, IAREP- International Association for Research in Economic Psychology, Brazil) 

  • Nudging low-income individuals and families toward saving regularly. 

          Dr. Cäzilia Loibl, CFP®  (PhD, Professor, College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University)

  • "Nudges" in the Norwegian financial market

          Dr. Ellen Katrine Nyhus (PhD, Professor, School of Business and Law, University of Agder)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Behavioural Sciences and Investor Education Conference

08h30 – 09hRegistration to Conference
09h - 09h30

Opening Remarks

  • Mr. André Laboul (Deputy Director for Financial and Enterprise Aairs, OECD and Chair of the OECD International Network on Financial Education OECD/INFE)
  • CVM 
09h30 - 10h50

Panel 2  – Investor Education

Moderator: Pablo Mercante (Head of International Affairs of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Argentina - CNV)

  • Lori Shock (Director of the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, US SEC) 
  • Kusumaningtuti Soetiono (Member of the Board of Commissioners, Indonesia Financial Services Authority)
  • Camille Beaudoin (Director of Financial Education, Autorité des Marchés Financiers - AMF Quebec, Canada)
  • Pasquale Munafo (Senior Finance Professional, Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa – CONSOB, Italy)
  • Gloria Caballero Núñez, (Deputy Director Financial Education, Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores - CNMV, Spain)
10h50 - 11h20

Keynote Speaker

  • The Psychology Of Regulation
          Dr. Werner DeBondt (Finance Professor and Founding Director, Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance, DePaul University, Chicago)
11h20 - 11h35Coffee Break
11h35 – 12h20

Panel 3 – US National Financial Capability Study

Moderator: Lori Shock (Director of the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, US SEC) 

  • Dr. Annamaria Lusardi (PhD, Academic Director, Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center – GFLEC, George Washington University, Washington D.C., EUA)
  • Gerri Walsh (Senior Vice President, Financial Regulatory Authority - FINRA, President FINRA Foundation) 
12h20 – 13h20

Panel 4 – Anthropology of Finance

Moderator: Dr. Federico Neiburg (PhD, Postgraduate Program in Social Anthropology, National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) 

  • Anthropology of Money 
Dr. Bill Maurer (PhD, Institute of Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion, University of California, Irvine) 
  • Wrestling with technology: an organizational challenge

Dr. Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra (PhD, Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego)

  • Segmentation on financial services for the poor: ethnographic understanding of financial profiles

Mauricio Prado (Plano CDE, Partner/Director, MSc, University College London)

13h20 – 14h30Lunch Break
14h30 – 15h40

Panel 5 – Alternative promotion of financial education for different investor profiles

Discussion: Examples of non-conventional forms of financial education that promote increased knowledge and changing adequately behavior of investors and different public profiles.

Moderator: Daniel Pfannemüller (BM&FBOVESPA Educational Institute)

  • How advertisement contributes to the investment decision-making process
Ana Claudia Leoni (ANBIMA)
  • Using technology and automated financial guidance (advisors robot) 
Luciano Tavares - (CEO Magnetis)
  • Simplifying the language 
Anderson Luis Pinto Paiva (Easynvest)
15h40 - 15h50Coffee Break
15h50 – 17h10

Panel 6 – Ageing and financial vulnerability

Moderator: Dr. Daniel Mograbi (PhD, PUC/RJ – Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro)

  • Elder Mistreatment: A profile of the vulnerable person and of the perpretrator
Dr. Jerson Laks (PhD, Institute of Psychiatry, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ)
  • Quality of Life, Financial Wellbeing and Health
Dr. Anna Beatriz Howat Rodrigues (PhD, Institute of Psychiatry, UFRJ)
  • Taking Action:  How Securities Regulators in the United States Are Addressing Vulnerable Investors
Gerri Walsh (Senior Vice President, Financial Regulatory Authority - FINRA, President FINRA Foundation)
17h10 – 18h

Panel 7 - Investment Advice:  Ensuring Suitability

Moderator: Guilherme Braga (Office of Market Surveillance, CVM, Brazil)

  • Martin Iglesias (Head of Investment Offering and Behavioral Finance at Itaú Unibanco, Vice President of ANBIMA Committee of Investor's Education)
  • Aline Sun (Managing Partner, Guide Investimentos, Brazil)
18hClosing Remarks

Friday, December 9, 2016

Regional Seminar on Emerging Trends in Financial Education

08h30 – 09hRegistration
09h – 09h50Opening Ceremony: Launch of OECD/CVM Centre for Financial Education and Literacy in Latin America & Caribbean 
  • Leonardo Gomes Pereira, Chairman, CVM, Brazil
  • Mansueto Almeida Jr., Secretary for Economic Monitoring, Ministry of Finance, Brazil
  • André Laboul, Special Financial Advisor to the OECD G20 Sherpa, Senior Counsellor, OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs
  • Andreas Schaal, Director, Global Relations Secretariat, OECD
09h50 – 11h20

Panel 1 – Financial Education - National Approaches in Selected BRICS

Moderator: Ms. Flore-Anne Messy, Head of the Financial Affairs Division, Executive Secretary, International Network on Financial Education (INFE)

  • Adriana Teixeira de Toledo, Head of Institutional Relations and Citizenship Deputy Governor's Office, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Kusumaningtuti Soetiono, Member of the Board of Commissioners, Indonesia Financial Services Authority - OJK, Indonesia 
  • Xue Hu, Deputy Director of Banking Consumer Protection Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission
  • Caroline da Silva, Deputy Executive Officer Consumer Education, Financial Services Board of South Africa

11h20 - 11h40

Keynote Speaker - Debt and Financial Vulnerability on the Verge of Retirement

  • Dr. Annamaria Lusardi (PhD, Academic Director, Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center – GFLEC, George Washington University, Washington D.C., EUA), Chair of the OECD/INFE Research Committee

 Download, click here.

11h40 - 12h00Coffe Break
12h – 13h

Panel 2 – Finacial Education in Latin America and Caribbean

Moderator: Diana Margarita Mejía Anzola (Development Bank of Latin America)

  • OECD: Flore-Anne Messy (A first Snapshot of the Results of the LAC Survey)
  • Peru: Daniel Calderon Taramona (Development Bank of Peru – COFIDE)
  • Brazil: Maud Chalamet /Leidmar Verneque (Soluções Inclusivas) | Pedro Santos (MGOV)
13h – 14hLunch Break
14h – 15h50

Panel 3 – Financial Education for Children & Youth – Global and Regional Approaches

Moderator: José Alexandre Vasco (CVM, Brazil)

  • Argentina: Cristina Carrillo (Addkeen -Financial Inclusion and Sustainability)
  • Canada: Camille Beaudoin (Autorité des marchés financiers - Quebec)
  • Chile: Paula Bustos (Central Bank of Chile)
  • Portugal: Maria Igreja (The Portuguese Securities Market Commission - CMVM) 
  • Spain: Gloria Caballero Núñez, (National Securities Market Commission - CNMV, Spain)
  • Sweden: Therese Wieselqvist Ekman (Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority)
15h50 - 16h40

Panel 4 – Financial Education in Schools – Teachers Tell Their Stories

Moderator: Mara Luquet (Journalist)

  • Portugal - Lina Nascimento (Kindergarten Teacher, Vila do Bispo)
  • Brazil - Laura Coutinho (CIEP Ayrton Senna, Rio de Janeiro) | Alessandra de Fátima Camargo Godoi (SEDUC, Tocantins)
16h40 - 17hCoffee Break
17h - 18h

Panel 5 – Unfolding Research Priorities on Financial Education in Latin America and Caribbean

Moderator: Juan Ernesto Jiménez Olivier (Intendente, Superintendencia de Valores, República Dominicana)

  • Floor Elize Knoote (Dimes Consultancy, Netherlands)
  • Maria Jose Roa (Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos, member of the OCDE/INFE Research Commitee)
  • Ivonne Villada (Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, Peru)
  • Isabela Furtado (World Bank, Brazil)

Closing Remarks CVM and OECD

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